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2024 Regional Interpretation & Rules Clinic

July 13 9am - 3pm

Region 16 located at 5800 Bell St. Amarillo, TX 79109

2024 NCAA Football Rules Book

Every participant in the collegiate and high school football scene shares the responsibility for ethical conduct that enhances the future of this American tradition. Listed below are some of the points of emphasis that the Rules Committee, UIL and the Amarillo Chapter consider important.

Sideline Management/Enforcement will be paramount in the upcoming season. Below is the sideline diagram from the rule book, Rule 1-4, showing the Officials, Coaches and Players area. This will be strictly enforced.

No matter what is seen during college games on Saturday and professional games on Sunday and Monday, every player must wear mandatory equipment which includes:


Coaches, players and friends of football view holding opponents and the non-enforcement of holding as a major concern. During the past decade, this foul has risen from being low on the list of infractions to the most frequently penalized violation. The Football Rules Committee receives many complaints about illegal tactics. Grabbing opponents’ shirts and encircling their bodies with outstretched arms are the most prominent. The illegal blocking techniques of grasping, encircling, clamping or otherwise impeding defensive players to neutralize a charge are infiltrating the game at an alarming rate. Recent changes in football rules have liberalized the use of hands and arms in legal blocking activities and offensive players must correctly use these techniques in neutralizing opponents. Coaches and players should thoroughly understand the rules for proper offensive and defensive use of hands. The teaching of intentional holding will break down rather that aid in the building of the character of players.


Players have responded well to recently implemented rules prohibiting fighting, demeaning opponents and choreographed demonstrations. Teams are to be commended for showing proper respect for opponents as well as displaying strong school spirit. Uniforms have become much more representative of high schools, colleges and universities with concentration on identical helmets, shirts, pants and socks.


The football player who intentionally violates a rule is guilty of unfair play and unsportsmanlike conduct; and whether or not he escapes being penalized, he brings discredit tot he good name of the game, which it is his duty as a player to uphold.


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